Investment Management

Handling Financial Assets

Arwa and company looks to provide outstanding long-term investment management service to a diverse client base. Our mission is to preserve and increase the real wealth of our clients while accounting for inflation, taxes and investment expenses. Whether you are looking to grow your initial investment amount or want a regular income source, we can help you invest in your savings in stock markets at home or abroad. Our professional structure leverages the breath, depth and access to our company that ensures comprehensive investment management solutions for our clients. Our key traits that are embraced by all our staff include objectivity, experience and expert evaluation.


Let’s break it down

Whether it is a government, an institution, corporation or an individual, you can count on our services like;

  • Investment policy and portfolio drafts
  • Objective investment advice and guidance
  • Assistance in making prudent investment decisions
  • Investment risk and expense analysis
  • Expert assistance in wealth creation, preservation and distribution


What Clients are Saying About us

When I was first starting my business I wanted to make sure I got the accounting right. Arwa has helped me get and stay organized, and answered so many questions I've had about the best way to operate a small business. They also saved me several thousand dollars in 2018 by helping me be proactive in my tax planning.
"We are very happy and we feel much less pressure since Arwa started doing our monthly accounting. We can now focus and work on our business instead of working in our business."

"You do a great job. That is why I have been with your firm for so long. It is important to me to keep the taxing authorities and the bankers happy. You do your job so that I can do mine and not worry."