Audit and Investigation

Facts and Finances

The objective of our Audit and Investigation services is to ensure the integrity, improve governance, risk management and control processes of our clients. Our detailed and comprehensive report on the internal audit and oversight activities will summarize significant observations from audits, investigations and evaluations.

Our financial audit will ensure that payments to and from your organization are valid, reasonable, and accordance with the laws, regulations and program intent. Internal audit will conduct department-wide program to ensure that internal controls are operating and effective.


Our audit areas include

  • Risk based audits
  • System audits
  • Computer audits
  • Contract and project audits
  • Regularity audits
  • Compliance with rules and regulations
Our team of investigators is responsible for undertaking both reactive and proactive investigations. This includes investigation of any type of fraud perpetrated externally against the company and any internal fraud or misconduct by staff, partner or contractors.


What Clients are Saying About us

When I was first starting my business I wanted to make sure I got the accounting right. Arwa has helped me get and stay organized, and answered so many questions I've had about the best way to operate a small business. They also saved me several thousand dollars in 2018 by helping me be proactive in my tax planning.
"We are very happy and we feel much less pressure since Arwa started doing our monthly accounting. We can now focus and work on our business instead of working in our business."

"You do a great job. That is why I have been with your firm for so long. It is important to me to keep the taxing authorities and the bankers happy. You do your job so that I can do mine and not worry."